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_iGluco for Android


When I first started working at the company, both iGluco for iOS and Android had the same exact look. Every UI component in the app did not match the Android UI guidelines. I was tasked to redesign the app so that it looks and feels like a true Android app.


As directed, I was to design the new interface to fit the Material Design aesthetics. I had to study Google's Material Design User Interface Guidelines and other apps that already utilize those standards to get a better feel of how each UI component look and behave. I then took the wireframes and started designing, making sure that every component fit together and not looking like Frankenstein's app.


Google's Materal Design icons have very different styling from iOS icons. I had to redesign most of our existing icons to make them look like they are from the same icon set as Google's designs. Within the app however, there are other icons that did not need to match Google's style. The meal time icons seen in above picture for example. I still redesigned them, however, because I found that the previous set of meal time icons did not all look like they belonged in the same icon set.


After releasing the redesigned version, we discovered a few positive  customer reviews that specifically mentions the new interface design as being beautiful and the experience more intuitive. We've effectively doubled the overall star rating of iGluco on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Although we felt that it was a successful redesign, there will always be adjustments to make the user experience better. There will always be feature requests from users that we will need to consider implementing and there will always be changes in UI and UX design standards. The job of a UI/UX designer is never truly done after a product release.


We also started work on adding more features after shipping the redesign. We worked on designing a food and medicine logging feature so that our users don't have to install other apps to log their food or medicine intake. They'll simply have everything in the iGluco app. 

The accompanying prototype was used for one of our user testing sessions. I designed the screens in Photoshop and created the prototype in Marvel app. Please feel free to click through the PROTOTYPE >

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