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_iHealth Website


The main requirements when we started this project was to have the website be compatible with mobile devices and to have the layout and overall feel of the site be more in tune with current/popular design patterns.


My initial role was to design the website. I designed the main page layout, the product pages, and the support page. The original product pages I designed only had three major key points about the product to make it easy for our target customers to understand the gains in choosing our products.

The mock ups I created were then handed off to a design agency for implementation. I provided documented mock ups and redlined progress shots from developers.


After my designs were submitted to a third-party web development firm, we weren't completely satisfied with what was shipped to us. I was tasked to make adjustments in WordPress even redesigning and developing entirely new pages. I'm also currently in charge of designing banners and various graphics for sales; and I also update the site's content.

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